New Music Business Launched in Ireland This Weekend!

Image635709726123187715The Business is called "We Dig Roots" and will offer a series of services to local, national and international artists working in Roots Music.

The new online information resource and booking agency , based out of Enniscorthy, Wexford (Ireland), will be developed and grown by a local team with a range of experience in the music industry including some truly international figures.

The official local launch will take place during the interval of the Niall Toner Gig during the Strawberry Roots Festival on Sunday  They plan an international launch later this fall when they also will have an e-commerce website up and running.   to visit their current website

Members of the team include:

  1. Niall Toner  - An Internationally famous singer/songwriter and bluegrass artist who gigs all over the world and will act as our consultant and network developer in the global roots scene. Niall lives in Myshall.
  2. Johnny Lappin - Enniscorthy based International music publisher (Hozier is a key client) and board member of IMRO. Johnny's role in WDR will be as Irish and International Music Industry Consultant. Johnny's contacts in Ireland will also allow us to develop our network of partners and customers easily.
  3. Sean Mythen: Sean has been involved in the local music scene for about 30 years but is also a professional business consultant and former head of Wexford County Enterprise Board. Sean will be our business and legal affairs consultant.
  4. Jonathon O'Hanlon: Jonathon is a local musician and music promoter who will be part of our customer liaison team that goes and meets with venues and promoters to develop our database of customers.
  5. John Murphy: Another local musician and event organiser who will develop and grow our online presence with website and social media activity. John will also take bookings and issue contracts etc.
  6. Basia Dunio: Basia is our graphic design director who will create, drive and maintain our global brand identity. A former Enniscorthy Resident, she is now based in the USA and can also help the business grow in that market.
  7. Richie Cotter: Richie is another locally based music man who is heavily involved in event management in Enniscorthy and will drive the customer liaison team with Jonathon.
  8. Eamonn Doyle: Eamonn is a roots music promoter and DJ based in Enniscorthy. Eamonn also has 20 years experience in business management and will manage the office and work alongside John in the online world and as booker.

WDR is a growing booking agency for all Irish artists working in any roots music styles.

They are creating an employment agency for all Irish part time musicians. This will allow musicians to continue to work part time in music and be revenue compliant but also retain access to social welfare payments for the days they are not working.

Also, in the near future they plan to have a full online store selling Irish Roots music and merchandise to the world, with a particular focus on the Irish diaspora.

All enquiries should be made to Eamonn on 087 2982618 or by e-mail to bookings@wedigroots.com


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