The Band Kelley Releases Debut Album

Image635722771930767235The Band Kelley is an multi-award winning family group of four siblings ages 23 to 9.

They are recent winners of the Jeff and Shari Easter Talent Competition and Bethany, the 15 year old fiddle player, placed 2nd in the Georgia State Fiddle Championship.

12 year old Victoria,the mandolin player and lead vocalist, has an incredible voice! This family blends tight harmony with acoustic instrumentation playing strains of bluegrass, country and Gospel that appeal to a variety of audiences.

The oldest brother and band leader, Timothy, began teaching each of his siblings to play when they were 4 1/2. He made the lessons fun and enjoyable and you could often hear bolts of laughter coming from the practice room.

There is a warmth and realness to this family, who knows the value of discipline and a good work ethic. They have all bought their own instruments, a professional sound system and paid for their new album to be recorded.

Their first album was released in May 2015 and includes three original songs.

Find out more:  Visit their website at...  http://thebandkelley.com/

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