Auto Accident Sends Two Flatt Lonesome Members to the Hospital!

Michael Stockton [L]   Dominic Illingworth [R]Two members of IBMA's 2014 Emerging Artist of the Year Band FLATT LONESOME have been involved in an automobile accident.

Michael Stockton (Resophonic Guitar) and Dominic Illingworth (Acoustic Bass) were involved in an accident yesterday (Saturday, 8/1/15)  afternoon as the band was getting ready to head to their performance at PreddyFest Bluegrass Festival in Franklinton, NC.

Dominic was banged up and Michael is undergoing some additional testing according to a statement posted on their social media page.

They were taken to Duke University Hospital in Durham, NC. 

At this time, Prescription Bluegrass has learned that Dominic has been released and is just banged up with no broken bones. 

Michael, on the other hand, did not fare as well.  The band's update says that he has a concussion and was kept in the hospital overnight for observation.   However they did indicate no broken bones or internal bleeding

UPDATE:  8/3/2015

Michael has now been discharged from the hospital but both of the gentlemen are very sore still.  The band also says that it seems the dobro and bass survived as well.

They all plan on seeing fans at their performances in Milan, Michigan and Henderson,Kentucky next weekend.  See the band's website for more information.    [http://flattlonesome.com/tour-dates/]

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