Ganstagrass Returns with New Album!

Image635743541857997789Best known as the makers of the theme song to the hit FX drama Justified, Gangstagrass is back with AMERICAN MUSIC, the Emmy-nominee's fourth album, which has 14 bluegrass/hip-hop tracks to wet the beaks of its more than 50,000 fans.

Fiercely independent and without a record label, AMERICAN MUSIC has become a hit record, debuting at #5 on the Billboard bluegrass charts in its first week.

Though digital listeners and streamers have been rewarded with more of the groundbreaking synergy that the Wall Street Journal has called "A mixture of bluegrass and hip-hop that might repel some purists on either side of the country-and- rap divide, but will knock the socks off just about everybody else," the Brooklyn-based band has opted to reward physical album purchasers with something more for their money:

A limited edition trucker hat and access to a digital treasure hunt.

According to front man and producer Rench, "We love all of our fans, but we really wanted to give extra thanks to people for buying physical music when they could just go on iTunes or stream it for free on Spotify. So, we ordered some trucker hats and are practically giving them away at $1.99 and then we're sending those hat purchasers down a cyber-trail through the web to discover an astonishing secret -- one that those fans are really going to appreciate."

But, make no mistake -- Rench isn't making this treasure hunt a walk in the park.

"We needed to give people a quick reward with the trucker hat. But we couldn't make the trail too easy...people will just finish it and then the fun is over. We were looking for something that is challenging, sort of like a Rubik's cube, except the difference is that those that complete the challenge are going to get something cooler than personal fulfillment when they are finished. That and they also get an album of 14 songs we're really proud of."

As such, the cryptic letter album purchasers are receiving from the band is a challenge that few people seem to be able to solve.

To get access to the trail, purchase American Music on CD at www.gangstagrass.com

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