New Man On Banjo Needed for Zink & Co. - Larry Neu Retires from the Road!

Image635844659166639363One of the down-sides of an aging bluegrass population is that the band members themselves are often in that same demographic and thus it stands to reason that the subject of retirement is going to be more than an occasional topic.

Corey Zink, front man and band leader for Zink & Co. has announced that long time banjo man and friend, Larry Neu will be leaving at the end this year's festival season.


"It’s never easy to pick a date for changes like these but we all agree that this is best time of year for transitions with the festival season coming to a close. Larry would like to have more time at home enjoying his family, doing some of the things that he and his wife Sheila have always wanted to do together." said  Zink 

Neu, a banjo veteran for more than four decades, once traveled with the multi-award winning Lonesome River Band as their sound and lighting technician. He also delved into such areas as bluegrass radio, concerts and festival promotion,

"Larry has set the bar higher for anyone who will replace him because of the kind of guy he is. As the years roll on Larry’s influence will continue to guide me and although he won’t physically be there, for me he’ll always be on stage with Zink & Company.  I must admit I am a little scared that the "Larry" we all know might be sitting out in the audience somewhere just waiting to bust my chops…."

A new member to the group will be announced in the coming weeks.



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