Clint White Joins Nu-Blu

 Clint WhiteNu-Blu is happy to announce the addition of Clint White. He will take over as the mandolin player for the band, joining lead singer Carolyn Routh, Daniel Routh, and Levi Austin.

The multi-instrumentalist will be joining Nu-Blu as they embark on their biggest touring year yet in 2016.

“We’re so excited to have Clint joining our band” says Carolyn Routh. “He is an incredibly talented musician, and will fit in great!”

In addition to mandolin, White will also step in on select songs to play fiddle. White is best known for his success with The Roys, where he played fiddle for 5 years.  Be sure to catch Nu-Blu coming to a city near you.



Shelly Mullins said...

Incredible musician and incredible, incredible, incredible guy! Congrats to Nu-Blu! HUGE SCORE!

Martha Moore said...

Clint is such a rising talent! Good "get" Daniel and Carolyn!