Lonely Heartstring Band Gets Contract with Rounder!

Lonely Heartstring Band
Rounder Records has announced the signing of the Lonely Heartstring Band, a Boston-based bluegrass quintet whose debut album Deep Waters is slated for release in the spring of 2016.  

Winners of the International Bluegrass Music Association's Momentum Award in 2015, the band features Charles Clements (bass & vocals), George Clements (guitar & lead vocals),  Gabe Hirshfeld (banjo),  Patrick M'Gonigle (fiddle, vocals), and Matt Witler (mandolin).
Ken Irwin, a founder of Rounder Records, said, ""The Lonely Heartstring Band is not only one of the most exciting bands musically we've heard in a while, but they combine artistry with a great attitude and commitment that makes them
Irresistible. Plus, they've just made an amazing record!"
Speaking on behalf of the group, M'Gonigle responded, "We are thrilled to be joining a great community of hard working music folks.  And though we have just started working together, everyone had been wonderful to us.  Many of our heroes have released great records with Rounder, and we are honored to be welcomed into the Rounder family."
The quintet unites traditional bluegrass with contemporary songwriting, and has already earned accolades from respected members of the bluegrass community. Veteran music journalist Ted Lehmann called them a "powerhouse," and music journal Cover Lay Down called the band's nascent body of work "a collection of performances so exquisitely clean and smooth, they serve as a virtual how-to for the modern melodic end of the grassy folk tradition, culminating in a growing body of work Bill Monroe himself would be proud to promote."

The Lonely Heartstring Band is represented by KCA Artists in Nashville, TN. 

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Fred Robbins said...

My heartiest congratulations to these guys with such a well-deserved opportunity. And thanks to Ken Irwin for signing them.
They are truly one of my alltime favorite groups. I met them back in 2013 at Grey Fox, when they were first getting out there. Since then, I've seen them there every summer. And better than that, they've done FOUR intimate house concerts for us at the Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association! I've recorded each one, and still have the last one to edit. Here's one example...