Tax Man's A Comin' - Tex Logan's Nightmare!

Jody Logan, the humble and loving daughter of famed Bluegrass Boy and writer of the iconic Christmas song, "Christmas Time's A Comin'" has a nightmare to live with today, less than a year since her father's death.

In settling the estate, she says the state of New Jersey has sent her a tax bill of $38,000 for the estimated future royalties of her father's famous song.   Jody says on a special education teacher's salary, she has no way of satisfying such a huge debt.

"I would like to stay in the house I have lived with Tex, without having to resign myself to auctioning off his musical legacy,"  said Jody in her message to fans.

A special GoFundMe page has been set up to help raise funds.  You can help by donating or sharing the information or both.

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Jody Logan said...

Thank you for your continued support, John. You were always there to update the bluegrass world with regards to Dad's health. I never expected this. I suppose that is one of the reasons Dad wrote a killer fiddle tune, "The Northeast Seaboard Blues". I am feeling the state of New Jersey blues. Nonetheless, 2016 is approaching and I am blessed to have friends, a job teaching special ed, my twin boys, and countless blessings. I refuse to let this estate stuff diminish my mission to preserve my father's amazing legacy. To all of your readers, have a blessed 2016...from Jody (and Tex) Logan.