A New Year's Message from Corey Zink!

"This year when you think about going to a festival or show, take an extra minute to think about the countless hours and effort promoters and hosts put into providing you with an outstanding experience. Try to remember that part of your admission fee is helping many other people share in an experience that they will cherish forever. Take the time to fill out your surveys, offer your kind suggestions and most of all bring your friends. There is no better way to give back to the Bluegrass family than to share it with others. "
Best wishes,  Corey

Formed in 2012, Zink & Company consists of Lead vocalist and guitarist Corey Zink, John Roc, mandolin & vocals; Keith Edwards, bass & vocals; and Dan Menzone, banjo. These four talented musicians share years of combined recording and performance experience. The band has become popular in the North East and Canada over the last few years and has become known for Zink’s’ heartfelt songwriting and their unique and dynamic renditions of some of your old favorite tunes.

The band's website, www.zinkandco.com is ALL NEW.  Check it out to view their 2016 tour dates and more. Be sure to say “Hello”. They love to hear from you. 

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Lorna Dixon said...

This band is one, of the nicest group of people and Musicians I have ever had the opportunity of meeting and getting to know as friends. I fly, all the way from Edmonton Alberta Canada to see them, and will continue to do so. They all have been Blessed with, very Special Gifts, when it comes to their Music, and they have touched so many Hearts! God Bless guys, keep up the Wonderful and inspiring, job you all do in the Music field, :)