Rural Rhythm Records Releases Tammy Jones Robinette & The Drive - I Think I'll Let You Drive

Rural Rhythm Records has announced the release of the second single, “I Think I’ll Let You Drive,” from the 12-track self-titled album TAMMY JONES ROBINETTE & THE DRIVE, to radio today.

The mid-tempo song penned by Steve Gulley features the superb and refreshing alto of Robinette, with Gulley and Grammy-nominee Dale Ann Bradley on backing vocals.

It also features a heavy fiddle intro and outro by Aubrey Haynie, as well as the mandolin-stylings of Sam Bush and resonator work of Grammy-nominee Rob Ickes.

 The single is available for download on ITUNES, AMAZON and in stores where fine Bluegrass and Gospel music is sold. The lyric video for the song will be available next week. For more information of Tammy Jones Robinette & The Drive, please visit TammyJonesRobinetteandTheDrive.com.

TAMMY JONES ROBINETTE & THE DRIVE is Robinette's sophomore Bluegrass project, produced by Mark Fain (award-winning bass player and longtime band member of Kentucky Thunder), and her first album with Rural Rhythm. Robinette's superb and refreshing alto is flanked by a collection of superstar pickers including Fain (bass), Aubrey Haynie (fiddle), Ron Block (banjo), Seth Taylor (rhythm guitar), Rob Ickes (dobro) and the legendary Sam Bush (mandolin). Steve Gulley, Jamie Dailey, Jimmy Fortune, Dale Ann Bradley, Jennifer Wrinkle and David Casteel provide supporting vocals.

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