Bluegrass Outlaws Join Wison Pickins Agency!

Wilson Pickins Promotions welcomes the Bluegrass Outlaws to the agency.

The Outlaws are the newest addition to Melanie Wilson’s worthy team of sought after bluegrass entertainment and she couldn’t be more pleased.

This alliance comes just in time for the highly anticipated release of the 2016 SPBGMA Band Competition Winner’s self-titled debut album, due out September 5th.

Promoters, radio programmers and fans alike have been just waiting for this album after seeing the incredible performance put on this past year by the Bluegrass Outlaws in Nashville, TN. Not only did the band win the competition, but they made history, as they were there making their debut performance as a band on stage together for the first time. They were quickly informed that a band debuting at the competition had never won the whole thing before.

You can learn more about the Bluegrass Outlaws on their website or facebook pages.

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