"Common Man's Train of Thought" - Good Song for 2016 Elections!

Labor Day is known as the kick-off for the U.S. Presidential Election and Steve Gulley &  New Pinnacle’s “Common Man’s Train of Thought”* speaks very strongly from the common man’s viewpoint for the election.

The chorus clearly defines the direct message in the song to all the politicians in “Common Man’s Train of Thought”: 

"When gathering material for the latest New Pinnacle recording, "Aim High", I had some truly great songs sent my way by some of the best writers in our music. Larry Cordle has long been a mentor, hero and friend to me so when I asked him for some songs to consider for the new album, I knew whatever he sent for me to hear was going to be great. All the tunes he sent were awesome but, "Common Man's Train Of Thought", got to me immediately in a big way. In my opinion, it speaks to the character, work ethic and spirit that makes America the great country that it is. It also sheds light on the way the common, everyday working men and women are gradually being "overlooked" by politicians, big business and the media. In my opinion, it's a travesty when the power brokers and lawmakers turn their backs on the very folks who keep this country up and running. This song speaks to that perfectly. No matter what side of the political aisle you're on, I think this song will hit you straight in the heart. Thanks to Larry and co-writer, Jim Rushing, for allowing the boys and I to record such a great song." - Steve Gulley

LISTEN TO: Common Man's Train of Thought"  - Click the player below!

*"Common Man's Train of Thought" was written by Jim Rushing and Larry Cordle 

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