New Release From Mark Whitt

Mark Whitt's latest album "OVER YOU" was released to the public just this week on Sept. 1st.

However due to the advance release to radio, Mark says his album is already sitting at number 9 on on the bluegrass download chart from Airplay Direct where many radio programmers acquire the music they play on the air.

Mark currently heads up Mark Whitt and The True Bluegrass Band as the lead singer and guitar player. They are a regional band, who focus on playing traditional bluegrass and gospel.

In addition to performing, Mark is dedicated to writing new material geared in the traditional style. His new Project, includes two of his originals, "Over You" and "I heard Sweet Music Playing.

Mark Whitt was born and raised in a small town in Southern Ohio. He was introduced to bluegrass, Country and Gospel by his parents, who were both born and raised in Eastern Kentucky. As a young child, he recounts, "my sisters and I would sing with our parents in the car on the way home from a second job that they took on in the evenings." Mark fondly remembers waking up each morning to the sound of bluegrass classics on the record player. They would often travel back to Eastern Kentucky for family gatherings and during this time Mark's love for the music grew. He eventually picked up the mandolin and then the guitar. He would sit for hours and play and sing with his Dad and Uncle.

ll tracks recorded by Clay Hess @ Hayes Recording Studio, Cincinnati, OH. Produced and engineered by Clay Hess.

1. Let Me Be Your Friend
2. Shenandoah Waltz
3. How Mountain Girls Can Love
4. Over You
5. Blue Ridge Cabin Home
6. I Heard Sweet Music Playing
7. Lord I’m Coming Home\
8. My Cabin In The Hills of Caroline
9. The Lonesome River 
The CD is available via download or to purchase a hard copy on ITunes, CD Baby and several other outlets. You can also visit Mark's website markwhitttruebluegrass.com

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