Winfield Festival Continues–Shuttle Bus Transportation Provided To Help Flood Evacuees Back To Stages!

(Winfield, KS)  Shuttle buses will be provided to ease transportation needs to and from the Winfield Fairgrounds for campers to attend the Walnut Valley Festival.   This, after severe flooding caused the evacuation of advance campers last week.

Overland Charter will be working with the Walnut Valley Association to provide bus rides beginning at 8:00 am Thursday morning and continuing until 1:00 am after the stages close at the festival.

The bus transportation service will continue through Saturday after the Stages close.

Buses will also be making stops as needed at City of Winfield downtown parking lots and beginning on Friday and Saturday at the Winfield High School parking lot for anyone wishing to use park and ride services.

The route at the city lake will be determined after the bus service has had the opportunity to survey the location and turn around needs of the large charter buses they will be using. There will be one smaller bus that will be providing services for the handicap needs. This bus will be running the same route as the larger ones through close of stages on Saturday night.

There will also be day parking at the fairgrounds with a paved area designated for handicap parking near the festival entrance.

All events to take place at the festival prior to the high water in the Winfield Fairgrounds will take place as scheduled with the camping being the only portion of the festival that has been changed.

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