New Music Technology Company to Pay Out 80% To Artist’s & Rights Holders!

imageIt’s called Orfium. It is new and it is revolutionary in today’s problem-ridden Internet Music download world where many up- and-coming artists find their music doesn’t generate much in the way of income (if any) and many have resigned to using the world’s most expansive marketing tool to simply gain awareness.

Now the folks at Orfium want to give artists control of all forms of promotion, retail, licensing, and distribution of music in this digital age, and at the same time, provide fans with the best discovery, sharing, and listening experience possible.

Orfium Team, left to right: Aggelos Arvanitakis - VP of Engineering, Christopher Mohoney - CEO, Michael Petychakis - CTO, Dimitris Papaspyros - Director of Engineering, Drew Delis - PresidentThe folks at Orfium are  Christopher Mohoney – CEO,  Michael Petychakis – CTO,  Drew Delis – President, Aggelos Arvanitakis - VP of Engineering and Dimitris Papaspyros - Director of Engineering

Chris Mohoney and Drew Dellis founded Orfium on the revolutionary premise that artists are entitled to be fairly paid for their work, and allowed to control its dissemination.

Their new platform features integrated social, hosting, retail, and a music licensing platform that puts artists in control of how their music is consumed and distributed.   They also feel it will be great for consumers to discover, share, buy, and license music and playlists. All services are offered on a non-exclusive basis when possible, and artists can opt-in or out of each service on a track by track basis and at any time. Hosting and sharing is always free, and there are never any upfront costs. Artists can upload directly.

Orfium has set out to be what the others have not.  The platform could prove to be a strong rival to existing sites such as SoundCloud, which have come under fire recently for their approach to handling copyright infringements and their apparent focus on securing lucrative licensing deals.

Included in the Orfium platform are special accounts for record labels, managers, publishers, distributors, and influencers. 

Subscription streaming and subscription radio as well as digital distribution to 3rd party digital music stores is still to come.

Orfium’s Chris Mahoney (an experienced programmer holding both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting from the University of San Diego) says all of the tools which other platforms sell to “Premium Artists” are provided for free at Orfium including unlimited free hosting. The company’s artist-driven philosophy is that artists are the ones adding the most value which brings visitors, not the other way round.

The company’s President, Drew Delis, completed law school at Pepperdine with an emphasis in music rights, internet law, and intellectual property.

For the longest time artists have been getting the short end of the stick, when it comes to getting their music heard and purchased.  Yet, according to Mahoney, they are the ones creating the value.  Too often people lose sight of the fact that without the artists there is no music industry,  Orfium allows artists to directly upload and provides the most customizable and flexible release policies, offers the most monetization options with highest royalty payout passing 80% of gross revenue to the artists, unlimited free hosting, and the ability to opt-in/out of each service on each track at any time.

Find out more about Orfium and sign up here.

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