New Single from Annie Savage and The Savage Hearts!

Fiddle fanciers will delight in the forthcoming album from Annie Savage and her band, The Savage Hearts.

The project, PLAYING IT FORWARD, is set for release on October 21, 2016. The group has released a debut single to radio… "Age"

"Age" was written and recorded by American Folk and Pop Rock artist, the late Jim Croce, along with his wife Ingrid. It was first recorded in 1969.

"It is a song that speaks to me in the many roles I play in this life," Annie Savage says. "I am a mother, a teacher, a performer --- these are roles that have seasons. Seasons of fruition, of sacrifice and of returning to recover what you thought you'd left behind. It's a song that speaks to the attachments we have in life, the things that are fleeting, and those priorities that change with the seasons."

The Savage Hearts is a rising bluegrass-meets-honky-tonk band on Colorado's musically innovative Front Range.

It may be a young band, but members of The Savage Hearts have recorded, performed and produced more than 30 albums.

Headed up by fiddler and instructor, Annie Savage, (pictured) the band has crafted an album featuring students and professionals, “playing it forward" all Annie Savage  2016together in one studio, and flavored with the spicy southwestern bluegrass sound for which The Savage Hearts are becoming known.

Featuring string teacher Annie Savage along with songwriter/educator Kevin Slick, Kit Simon, Nancy Steinberger and Keith Summer, the group specializes in high energy performances and providing educational outreach.

Twin fiddles have long been a hallmark of bluegrass and swing music. Twin fiddling guests on the CD range from pros to members of the Young Pickers youth ensemble that the band directs.

The album features a mix of songs with standards, traditional songs, Latin flavored offerings and straight up honky-tonk tunes.  Feature spots sparkle with the band member’s own children and students right along with well-known guest fiddlers including the award-winning Becky Buller, Greg Blake, Jeff Scroggins, and Ellie Hakanson.

Annie grew up as a Suzuki violinist from the age of 2 and learned to jam and perform from the age of 10 in the bluegrass circles of southeast Iowa and Missouri. She attended the Interlochen Arts Academy and pursued an active classical music career on the east coast. After years of recitals, auditions and academic music study, she developed a passion for jamming and creating music in the moment by ear.

“Jamming was the skill that allowed me to not only enjoy music to its fullest extent, but it’s what even the great composers had done when they were writing all of the classical pieces I’d been playing,” Annie says. “Even more interestingly, more often than not, it was reading chords and playing by ear that allowed me to actually make a living as a musician.”

Savage developed a combination of playing by ear first, learning to read next and jamming with others, calling it the “Savage Fiddler Method.”

She refers to her mission as “total world domination through small, vibrating wooden boxes” and has been a highly-praised instructor at Steve Kaufman’s Acoustic Kamps.

Annie has also announced the release of her second instruction book, JOIN THE JAM, during the recent World of Bluegrass convention and festival in Raleigh, NC.

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