“JD Hutchison is a musician’s musician. While he gave up the traveling life and music business many years ago, at 75 years of age, he retains a vital presence in his college town home of Athens, Ohio. He keeps coming up with new songs and his friends and fans keep urging him to record them.  The result is this fine album,” said Tim O’Brien 

Born into a musical family in Belmont County, Ohio, JD Hutchison made his early mark in southern Ohio, and in the Wheeling, WV area. He and his brother, Zeke, (who played banjo), formed a fine band and traveled coast to coast on the bluegrass circuit. As the Hutchison Brothers, they released two albums for Cincinnati-based Vetco Records, then disbanded in 1978. After that JD rambled around on his own, landing in Austin, TX, where he acted in a local theater company. He then moved back to Ohio to be with is family and settled into life as a fixture in the college town of Athens, OH. He continues to write songs and poetry, gigging both as a solo and with his band - Realbilly Jive.

“A few words about Lost John Hutchison… he’s been found a couple of times. He’s a very unique individual, and this isn’t always the best thing, but he writes beautiful songs, he’s a fantastic musician, instrumentalist, songwriter and singer. And you’ve got a treasure, he’s a national treasure,” said David Bromberg.

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