Becky Buller Band Welcomes Nate Lee!

image: BECKY BULLER BAND - 2017The Becky Buller Band rings in the new year with a new picker.  Nate Lee has joined the B^3 ensemble .

"Nate is GREAT!" said Becky with a big smile. "His musicianship and professionalism are impeccable and he's so easy to travel with.”

“In the past two years, I've had the opportunity to tour on a fill-in basis with the Becky Buller Band," said Nate. "Becky is an accomplished artist and business person and touring with B^3 is easier than falling off a log!”

Multi-instrumentalist Nate will be filling the gap from departing member Brandon Bostic but will mostly be handling the mandolin while Prof. Dan Boner moves over to guitar.

Nate has previously been on tour with several other high-profile artists including; Ashleigh Caudill, Irene Kelley, Town Mountain and Jim Hurst.

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