Hillbilly Gypsies’ Lead Singer, Jamie Lynn Buckner, Still Upbeat After Cancer Diagnosis.

imageThe Appalachian Bluegrass band Hillbilly Gypsies’ lead singer, Jamie Lynn Buckner, made a shocking announcement to her fans today on her Facebook Page.

Saying, that she’s been wrestling with the best way to handle the news since she discovered a breast cancer lump last October, she decided that it would be unfair to her fellow band mates and to the group’s fans to keep quiet any longer as it will impede her ability to maintain a performance schedule. 

She made the announcement earlier this week.

“So... that's that then. If you know me at all, then you must know that I am still smiling. I am staying my happy, positive self. I won't let this get me down. Hardships and pain give us experience, and experience helps us to grow. No one wants to get this kind of news. All we can do is face what fate throws at you and give it the best fighting spirit you can... I just feel it is so much better to try to find the good in any situation we may find ourselves in. It certainly can't hurt, right? So I'm going to keep smiling.

After meeting with the surgeons, she states that they have decided the best and most effective treatment  will be to have a simple mastectomy which was scheduled for today, Wednesday, January 25th.

Her doctors seem very hopeful that by removing the effected breast completely that they'll be removing all of the cancer from Jamie Lynn’s body and that she will not require any radiation or chemotherapy.

She closed her announcement with a positive note, saying:

“Thank you all. I'll still be around. No worries.”

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