Vermont's Best Country CD of the Year - Bob Amos & Catamount Crossing!

imageThis year, the Best Country Album goes to Bob Amos & Catamount Crossing for their album BODY & SOUL.

Amos and company is a bluegrass band with exceptional singing and instrumental prowess.

Vermont has just a few active bluegrass bands and Catamount Crossing, based in St. Johnsbury, is at the top of the list.


We’re very happy to hear that our bluegrass album "Body & Soul" has won a ‘Vermont's Best CDs’ award for Best Country album. A big thank you to my wonderful bandmates Sarah Amos, Freeman Corey, Gary Darling, Steve Wright and Chris Cruger.”  -Bob Amos


This album has the sextet performing a 14-song set of older bluegrass songs and is a most satisfying program. Amos surrounds himself with a cast of superior band members.

This is the CD to get if you want to hear Vermont-based acoustic music at its best.

Album Notes

Bob Amos & Catamount Crossing have become one of the Northeast's most popular bluegrass bands. Although Bob Amos is known for his stellar original songs and compositions featured on his two previous acclaimed bluegrass CDs, Sunrise Blues and Borrowed Time, and with the many albums he did with his former band Front Range, this CD marks a departure in that it is comprised of all classic bluegrass covers.

Bob explains, "although our original material remains the core of our live shows, we wanted to share some of the great covers that we tend to mix into our performances, and this CD has given us that opportunity"


1. You're Still on My Mind
2. It Rains Everywhere I Go
3. Grey Eagle
4. Nightime Blues
5. Voice from on High
6. Then I'll Stop Going for You
7. With Body and Soul
8. Get up John
9. Eddie's Reel
10. Swinging the Nine Pound Hammer
11. Gonna Settle Down
12. Future on Ice
13. Over in the Gloryland
14. Shuckin' the Corn

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