Hee Haw Star; Lulu Roman, Coming to Great American Bluegrass TV

imageLulu Roman, former television star of Hee Haw, will take to the Great American Bluegrass stage along with Chosen Road, the King James Boys, and show host, Reagan Riddle and the Primitive Quartet, performing staging production for Great American Bluegrass TV in October. 

Staged and filmed in Charlotte, NC, professional Secular & Gospel Bluegrass Artists Interested in more  information concerning the staging and HD production may contact Great American Productions by contacting Danny Kramer at dkramer@g-net.net.

Great American Bluegrass can be seen on PBS, Heartland, TNN, Blue Ridge TV, Ridgeline TV, Dove Broadcasting, Dish/Direct TV, Family Channel, with national television coverage all across America.


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