Friends & Fans Salute Jay Ungar & Molly Mason and Celebrate 50 Years of Outdoor Education

imageFor 50 years, Ashokan has introduced children to the natural world. Through compassionate group learning, music, and dance, young people develop a connection with nature that will help them make informed decisions and responsible choices towards improving the quality of life on our planet.

Jay and Molly played a pivotal role in saving Ashokan when the land went up for sale and the end of these valuable programs was imminent.

Friends & Fans are invited to join them for an evening to remember with cocktails, live music, farm-to-table appetizers by Chefs John Novi and Bill Warnes, and a special salute to Jay & Molly!

Event proceeds will help Ashokan continue this work for the next 50 years.

For five decades, Ashokan has provided inspiring outdoor experiences that expand and enhance the learning that happens in school.

Ashokan’s integration of environmental education, history, the arts, and shared quality time in the great outdoors encourages critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creative problem solving. Teachers report that our curriculum design promotes new positive bonds between students and excites their passion for inquiry and learning.

Our location on the eastern edge of the Catskill Mountains, adjacent to the Ashokan Reservoir (the source of 40% of New York City’s drinking water), is an enormous asset to the work we do. Ashokan’s 385 acres of classic Catskill forests, fields, and streams provide a safe and inspiring setting. It’s a place where kids can explore, experiment, and discover the natural world together.

The seductive attraction of today’s virtual world, and its often disturbing content, has thrown life way out of balance and made Ashokan’s programs more crucial  than ever.

By providing children with shared, life-changing experiences in nature, coupled with meaningful connections to their fellow human beings through music and other art forms, The Ashokan Center is planting the seeds of responsible citizenship and true stewardship of the planet. We feel this is critically important as the world faces climate change and other environmental issues.

Unfortunately, funding cuts and other economic factors mean that fewer schools from underserved communities are able to take part in Ashokan’s programs. We need your  help to continue this important work and make it available to children from all  economic backgrounds.

Please consider making a gift to Ashokan’s 50th Anniversary School Scholarship Fund. It will make a real difference in the lives of the children of today—who will soon be the citizens of tomorrow.

TICKETS OR GIFTS:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-ashokan-centers-50th-anniversary-benefit-tickets-34432404248

Benefit Committee:

Anne and Jim Bailey | Jake Boritt | Ken Burns | Tom Chapin | Marian Droba | Mimi Fahs | Audrey Flack | Carol Fowler | Robert Holum | Harold Holzer | John Johnson | Kale Kaposhilin | Bette Korman | Elliott Landy | Ben and Jennie Markens | Joe Martens | Molly Mason | John McEuen | Turlough McConnell | Natalie Merchant | Miriam O'Connor | Jeanne Palmer | Victor Rosansky | Kate and Bill Schubart | Gregg Swanzey | Elizabeth Thompson | Jason Tuchman | Jay Ungar | Janet and Randall Wallace | Paul Winter

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