New DIGS for IBMA!


The International Bluegrass Music Association (that's IBMA to the bluegrass community) is pulling up stakes and heading north - to northeast Nashville, that is. 

They've got a fancy new office building they're moving into, and therefore will be out of commission for a couple of days later this week. Here's what you need to know:

The IBMA will not have phone or Internet service on Wednesday or Thursday, May 25 - 26, so you will not be able to immediately reach them. 
They will post their  availability on Facebook  when they're are back online, expecting  to be functional on Friday morning, May 27.

The new IBMA address will be:
    4206 Gallatin Road
    Nashville, TN 37216


Bluegrass Storyteller, James King Passes!

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of beloved singer and songwriter James King, who was affectionately known as "The Bluegrass Storyteller." He was 57 years old. King, a recovering alcoholic, suffered complications from a prolonged battle with cirrhosis of the liver. 

King died peacefully, surrounded by family and close friends, including his longtime girlfriend, Becky Rhodes; his brothers Andy and Jason, and sister-in-law Leticia; his aunts Debbie Moxley and Nadine Isley; and friends Junior and Susan Sisk, Dudley and Sally Connell, Harry and Louise Rhodes, and Charlie Snelling.
We’ll See You at the Bluegrass Festivals!

James King, "The Bluegrass Storyteller," 1958 - 2016 


New Town Set To Release "HARLAN ROAD" CD This Summer!


1.     All That I Can Take
2.     Can't Let Go
3.     Harlan Road
4.     The Heart You've Been Tending
5.     Hard Times
6.     The Feast Of The Gryphon
7.     The Crows And The Jakes
8.     Drifter Blues
9.     Wildfire
10. Castaway
11. Come Back To Me
Kentucky Bluegrassers NewTown bring hard-traveled backroad tales to life on their new CD, HARLAN ROAD (Mountain Home Music Company).   

Produced by multi-Grammy Award winner Barry Bales, the 11-track outing, due in stores on July 8, combines fresh, down-to-earth songs, complex instrumentation and mesmerizing vocals that offer listeners a feast for the senses.  

Fans can pre-order the CD now on iTunes.

The Lexington-based band is fronted by award-winning fiddler Kati Penn and her husband, Jr. Williams, a respected banjo player.  The two split lead vocal duties and present powerful performances on this moving musical journey. 


Nightflyer’s Rick Hayes’ Father, Green Hayes, Passes

It is with great sadness that we share the news that following a brief illness, Rick Hayes’ father, Green Hayes, has passed at the age of 94.

Green was a well loved and admired figure in the Cincinnati, Ohio bluegrass community. Many national artists had the good fortune to meet him when playing the Hayes Brothers Concert Series in their Covington, KY theater in the early 2000’s. Green was always there to meet folks at the door with a big smile and hug.

Like many musicians, Green started young, influenced by his father who sang. His sister, Nanny, and he played Renfro valley on a few occasions, and played around McKee, Kentucky, where he was from. He never stopped playing bluegrass and passed his love of music down to his sons Rick and Ron. Rick recalls learning “Wildwood Flower” at an early age of about 7 or 8. Although bluegrass was Green’s first love, he was always open to listening to other styles of music and even learned the Beatles “Norwegian Wood” upon Rick’s request so he could show him how to play it.

Green fought in three major battles in World War II. He was honorably discharged after receiving injuries from a conflict where he and his division were held down in foxholes for almost 30 days in freezing weather. He nearly lost his feet in the process and spent over a year and a half in the hospital regaining his strength and ability to walk again. His signature cowboy boots – worn even when mowing the grass – helped relieve the pain received from the injuries. He was often bothered by the duties required of him as a combat soldier and wouldn’t speak of it for many years, but he was very proud that he served and helped to protect our country.

After the war, he returned home to marry Geneva Lainhart and raise a family in Cincinnati. Their anniversary this past January marked 70 years of marriage.  Rick and Ron provided them with 7 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. The only thing he loved more than bluegrass, was spending time with his family.

After straying a bit in the 80’s and early 90’s, Rick credits his father for bringing him back to the bluegrass fold by giving him a copy of IIIrd Tyme Out’s album “Putting New Roots Down.” From there on, Rick and Green went to numerous bluegrass festivals and attended many jam sessions. Green recorded two albums at Rick’s recording studio and even filmed a video for “Rock of Ages” (aka Jacob’s Ladder) that can be viewed on YouTube.

Rick’s brother, Ron, started up the Covington theater in the early 2000’s hosting national bluegrass acts, as well as a weekly bluegrass jam. The bluegrass jam that started in Covington, was later moved and renamed the “Green Hayes Tuesday Night Bluegrass Farm Jam” in his honor.  As Green’s voice began to weaken just a bit, a microphone and amp were brought in to help his authentic Kentucky voice be heard. He was always proud of the fact that he was the only one with a microphone. Green even performed publicly a few times with the makeshift “Tuesday Night Bluegrass Jammers,” as recent as last year.

Green was revered by many. You only had to meet him once to become his friend and get a big hug. Not every bluegrass star graces the stage of the Opry, some stars shine just as bright in our hometown communities and in our hearts. If only the world were full of people like Green Hayes, we would be better off.


Guns N’ Roses’ Influence on Bluegrass Band Iron Horse

80s hard rock icons Guns N’ Roses have been tearing up concert tours and blowing the minds of fans since their much-awaited reunion early this year. There’s no question about the band’s indomitable relevance – spanning four decades from the 1980s rock show diehards to the current generation of Coachella festival goers. To say that Axl Rose, Slash, and Duff McKagan still have it is a huge understatement. In more than a million ways, it seems like they never missed a beat in the first place.

Prescription Bluegrass – CD Review - Jake and Rebekah Workman DEEP INTO THE HEART

“...I want to make clear the quantity of amazing musicianship contained in this CD...”
- Marty Warburton / Prescription Bluegrass


Prescription Bluegrass CD Review - The Burie Family – Here Today Gone Tomorrow

...The Burie Family, from southeastern Wisconsin for heaven's sake, are capable of throwing down legit bluegrass...”

Marty Warburton / Prescription Bluegrass


Jeff White Releases Solo Album with Who's Who List of Guests!

Jeff White Releases Right Beside You
With credits that include Vince Gill, Alison Krauss and more, the ‘musician’s musician’
steps into the spotlight with his first solo project since 1999 !

The term, “highly anticipated” is tossed around often in music press, but it can’t begin to describe the excitement among true music insiders surrounding the release of Right Beside You, the new album from Jeff White.